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2018 Undergraduate Mentoring Conference

Good mentoring is at the core of ensuring a successful undergraduate research experience. Good mentoring takes time, energy, and resources. Learning to be an effective mentor is an important professional skill that needs to be cultivated and supported.

On Friday, May 11, 2018, mentors and co-mentors from Caltech and JPL joined the Student-Faculty Programs office for Building Your Mentoring Toolkit: Conference on Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers. The following presentations have been made available as a resource for mentors and co-mentors.


The Conflict Quandary

April CastaƱeda, Assistant Director, Human Resources, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Giving Voice: Supporting Inclusivity in STEM Mentoring

Melany Hunt, Dotty and Dick Hayman Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Felicia Hunt, Assistant Vice President for Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Initiatives, & Title IX Coordinator

Erin-Kate Escobar, Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity

Brian Brophy, Theater Arts Director

Elle Chimiak, Graduate Student

Sharing the Big Picture: Activities to Teach Research Contexts to Novice Scientists

Christina Birch, Writing Specialist; Lecturer in Engineering

Erin Burkett, Writing Specialist and Lecturer in STEM Writing and Communication

Mentor Activities for Mentees handout

Translating Teaching Pedagogy to Mentoring

Kelsey Boyle, Graduate Student, Past Co-Director, Caltech Project for Effective Teaching

Rebekah Silva, Graduate Student, Co-Director, Caltech Project for Effective Teaching

Understanding Today's Student: A Toolkit for Mentoring Undergraduates

Joe Bennethum, Senior Residential Life Coordinator

Erica Crawford, North House Residential Life Coordinator

Nilza Santana-Castillo, Graduate Residential Life Coordinator

Vanessa Tejada, South House Residential Life Coordinator

What Makes for a Great Undergraduate Research Project?

Candace Rypisi, Director, Student-Faculty Programs