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WAVE Council

Aida Behmard

Planetary Science

Hello! My name is Aida Behmard, and I'm a Caltech Planetary Science graduate student. I mainly work on exoplanets, which are exactly what they sound like - planets that exist outside the solar system, orbiting stars other than the sun. I'm also passionate about DEI and science outreach, and am currently a volunteer science teacher at Pasadena Unified elementary schools through the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach Visiting Scientists program. I also currently serve as the Graduate Student Council Diversity Chair. I'm a first-generation American and identify as a mixed Asian-Middle Eastern woman. I'm super excited to meet you all this summer!

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David Cagan

CCE (Inorganic Chemistry)

Second-year graduate student in physical inorganic chemistry (Hadt Lab). Cal State LA undergrad (physical organic chemistry). Community college alum. Caltech Wave Fellow 2018.

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Sydney Corona

Materials Science

Hello! I'm Sydney Corona and I am excited to meet you all =). I'm a rising 6th year in Materials Science studying amorphous metals called Bulk Metallic Glasses. Outside of science I love to camp, climb, hike, and backpack, plus social partner dance when the world allows it. I am passionate about mentorship and helping students feel safe and validated in the rigorous and sometimes (often) unnecessarily difficult path of academia. Let's get coffee and chat! I'm sure you'll teach me something too!

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Ana Duarte


Hello! I am very excited to work with you this summer! I am entering my third year at Caltech as a physics PhD student. My research is in biophysics and centers around how living systems consume energy in order to produce useful work. I am originally from Seattle and completed my undergrad at the University of Washington. Some of my hobbies include dancing, drawing, and cooking. I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of this formative summer for you.

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Victor Garcia

Biochemistry and molecular biophysics (BMB)

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Luis Ledezma

Electrical Engineering

I grew up in Venezuela and obtained my BSEE degree there. After getting a Master's degree in Florida I spent several years working in industry and in JPL before joining the EE PhD program at Caltech. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids, listening to music, watching movies, and mostly thinking and reading about electromagnetic theory!

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Rebekah Loving


Aloha! My name is Rebekah Kiana Loving Ngo. I am a second year biology graduate student in the Pachter Lab and a DOE CSGF fellow. I work on long read RNA-seq analysis methods and techniques for deep learning with RNA-seq data. I did undergrad at UH Hilo, earning a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics. Besides my foci in computation and genome biology, I am very interested in conservation and DEI work. I currently live in Pasadena with my husband and my daughter, the cutest little girl (I'm biased, of course, haha.).

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Maryann Morales


I am a G1 working in Dr. Harry Gray's Lab, I am currently working on studying the structural properties of Nsp1 and trying to understand energy transfers occurring in cytochrome P450. I graduated from UC Riverside in 2020 were I worked for Dr. Vullev, in the Department of Bioengineering studying charge transfer systems and working with fluorophores. In my free time, I really like to cook (I can make a delicious risotto), I've been learning to surf, and I have close to 30 plants that I take care of!

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Daniel Mukasa

Materials Science

Hey I'm Daniel Mukasa, a second year graduate student in the materials science department. I work under Wei Gao in medical engineering designing medical devices with ab-initio physics simulations. I'm originally from Riverside California but when to Oberlin Ohio for undergrad. Looking forward to meeting y'all!

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Evan Nunez


I am a rising third year grad in astronomy/astrophysics. I am a Southern California native, half black half Mexican, love music (hip-hop/rap, jazz, indie alt, bedroom pop), console gaming (PS4 and Switch), and good vibes.

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Nicole Wallack

Planetary Science

I'm Nicole Wallack, a fifth year graduate student in Planetary Science. My research primarily focuses on using ground and space based telescopes to study the atmospheres of cool gas giant exoplanets and ultra-cool brown dwarfs (low mass stars) to try to understand how these objects form. I also work on observing protoplanetary disks using ground based telescopes to search for forming planets. I'm originally from New York City and studied physics and film studies as an undergrad at the State University of New York at Albany. I love everything about cinema and when I'm not watching a movie, I enjoy cooking elaborate meals and baking fussy things!

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Gabriella Weiss


I am a postdoctoral scholar studying the carbon and hydrogen signatures within organic molecules. These values are preserved over long time periods and can be used to understand environmental change in the past. I enjoy reading science fiction, spending time outdoors, and am passionate about sharing my curiosity and enthusiasm for science with members of the community.

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Lilien Voong

Life Sciences; Molecular Biology

Lilien Voong received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University. She believes great communication opens doors to great opportunities. Through her work as an educator, she has helped scientists from all around the world harness their scientific stories and achieve their research goals. At Caltech, she is a Lecturer in Communication with the Division of Engineering & Applied Sciences and a STEM Writing Specialist with the Hixon Writing Center.

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