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The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships Exchange Programs were developed in order to enhance and broaden students' undergraduate experiences by giving them the chance to live in another culture, conduct research in a different academic/research environment, and prepare for careers that will most certainly involve international cooperation and collaboration.

The Caltech Student-Faculty Programs Office currently administers two Exchange Programs.

  • Caltech-University of Iceland (UI) Summer Undergraduate Research Exchange Program
  • Caltech-Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Summer Undergraduate Research Exchange Program

We also work with the Fellowships and Study Abroad Office to coordinate the summer research aspects of the Caltech-Cambridge Exchange Program.

Eligibility for Caltech Students

  • Must be a continuing undergraduate, eligible for fall term registration.
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or non-graduating senior.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Must complete spring term at Caltech (or another school under a program approved by a Dean).
  • Must not be under any academic or disciplinary sanction.

Requirements and Expectations

  • Once matched with a mentor, students must write a project plan in collaboration with a faculty mentor and submit it by May 15.
  • Students must conduct projects on a full-time basis over a ten-week period.
  • Students must complete and submit two interim reports, an abstract, and a final technical paper, all approved by their mentor.
  • Students must give a final oral presentation at fall seminar day. They may also be asked to give another presentation at their host school.
  • Students will be responsible for securing any necessary visas and planning and paying for travel and housing expenses.
  • While on the exchange you serve as an ambassador of Caltech. Students are expected to act accordingly so that future students will be able to enjoy the benefits and experience of research abroad. Your actions and activities are guided by the Honor Code and local laws or school policies of your host site.

Applications for Caltech Students

  • A completed application, personal statement, two faculty recommendations, and an unofficial transcript are due by February 14, 5:00 pm.
  • Students must be available for an interview which will be scheduled in late February.

Click here to request an Exchange Application

Note: This application is for Caltech students only. Students attending our exchange partner schools must apply directly through their school.