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GROWTH (Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen) is a large international collaboration led by Caltech whose main research goal is to study cosmic transients ranging from merging neutron stars and supernovae to small near earth asteroids. Each year, GROWTH SURF offers opportunities to undergraduate students enrolled in one of the GROWTH partner universities in the USA (Caltech, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Milwaukee, San Diego State University and Pomona College) to spend up to 10 weeks abroad at one of our international partner institutions in Germany, Taiwan, India, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Australia or the United Kingdom. During these weeks students will carry out a summer research project under the guidance of a mentor. The program is part of the educational and training activities of GROWTH and is funded by an NSF PIRE grant No 1545949.

The research projects can cover a wide range of topics in time-domain astronomy - novae, supernovae, stellar mergers, AGNs, electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves (EMGW), near-earth asteroids and more. Students can be involved in simulations, software development for robotic telescopes, data processing and analysis of astronomical photometric and spectroscopic data and much more. During their research projects students not only gain valuable research and technical skills but learn how to conduct scientific work in an international environment as part of an international team.

Students interested in the GROWTH SURF Program apply directly to GROWTH SURF. Information for prospective applicants is available on the GROWTH website.

Specific projects being offered for summer 2020 can be found here.

Caltech's Student-Faculty Programs Office provides administrative support to the GROWTH SURF program. Once selected for the GROWTH SURF program, students will receive additional information from the SFP Office.