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Associate Mentors

All Caltech students doing SURF projects at institutions other than Caltech/JPL are required to have a Caltech faculty member serve as an Associate Mentor.

Who May Serve as an Associate Mentor?

All Caltech faculty members including research, teaching, and visiting faculty, the professional staff, and faculty associates may serve as Associate Mentors.

Associate Mentor Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of an Associate Mentor is to ensure that the academic rigor of the student’s proposed project is compatible with Caltech standards. Associate Mentors will be asked to:

  • In advance of the application submission, meet with students to understand where they will be doing their SURF, why they have selected that location, what research they will be doing, and if they have sufficient experience to be successful at the project.

  • Review the student’s application and research proposal and submit an online evaluation of the application.

  • Meet with the student upon return to campus to learn more about their summer experience and support their on-going undergraduate research efforts on campus.

The Associate Mentor does not have any financial responsibility for the student's financial award or research costs.