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Good mentoring is at the core of ensuring a successful undergraduate research experience. Good mentoring takes time, energy, and resources. Learning to be an effective mentor is an important professional skill that needs to be cultivated and supported.

New Certificate of Interest in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

The Certificate of Interest in Undergraduate Research Mentoring provides graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and other interested members of the community an opportunity to learn more about effective undergraduate research mentoring practices.

In order to earn a Certificate of Interest in Undergraduate Research Mentoring, participants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Participate in at least 6 seminars or workshops focused on the mentoring of undergraduate researchers, or other approved Caltech programs. This might include:
    • Seminars offered through the Undergraduate Research Mentoring series.
    • Up to two sessions at Caltech’s Annual Undergraduate Research Mentoring Conference.
    • Quarterly mentoring speaker series.
  •  Within one month of each seminar or workshop attended, participants will write and submit a journal entry detailing what they learned and how they will apply it to current or future mentoring practice.  Student-Faculty Programs Office (SFP) and/or the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO) directors will review entries as they are submitted and provide feedback.
  •  Write and submit a personal mentoring philosophy statement that summarizes key outcomes and insights from this experience.

 Participants who complete the Certificate of Interest in Undergraduate Research Mentoring will receive a Letter of Completion signed by the Graduate Dean or Vice Provost and will be invited to a lunch with other awardees at the end of each year.

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Mentoring Conference

The Student-Faculty Programs Office hosts an annual Mentoring Conference for Caltech and JPL mentors as they prepare to welcome summer research students to their labs. Any and all mentors are welcome.

2018 Mentoring Conference

Click here to access resources from our 2018 conference.

2017 Mentoring Conference

Click here to access resources from our 2017 conference.

Undergraduate Research Mentoring Series 

The Undergraduate Research Mentoring Series is a summer workshop series designed to help mentors grow and develop in their work with students. Topics include:

Negotiating Expectations With Your Mentee
Effective Communication and Giving Constructive Feedback
Inclusive Mentoring: Challenges and Solutions
When Personal Issues Impact the Research: Helping a Mentee in Need
Troubleshooting: Helping Your Mentee Make Progress
From Student to Scientist: Helping Your Mentee Grow and Develop