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Board and Committees

SURF Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee on Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships is one of Caltech’s administrative committees.  Administrative committees are established by the president for the purpose of advising the administration on policy and procedural matters in a given area. 


Jennifer M. Jackson, GPS, Chair

Angelike Stathopoulous, BBE

Zhen-Gang Wang, CCE

Guillaume Blanquart, EAS

Ben Gillen, HSS

Elena Mantovan, PMA

Adrian Ponce, JPL

Ex Officio Members

Candace Rypisi, Director of Student-Faculty Programs

Blair Folsom, Chair of the SURF Board

Don Crewell, Director of Student Financial Aid

Michelle Gonzalez, Business and Finance

Dean of Undergraduate Students

Representative from Development and Institute Relations

SURF Board

The SURF Board is a voluntary support organization consisting of individuals who are dedicated to the educational values of undergraduate research at Caltech, and who, through their advice, encouragement, and financial support, contribute to the vitality, continuity, and effectiveness of the SURF program.

Blair Folsom, Chair

Dimitrios Antsos (SURF '88)

Carolyn Ash, Life Member

Hannah Bradley, Life Member

Morgan Cable (USRP '04)

Joe Cheng (SURF '83)

Kirk Dawson, Life Member

Debbie Dison Hall, Life Member

Katherine Faber

John Glanville, Life Member

Paul Graven

Harry Gray, Life Member

Michael Hartl (SURF '94, '95)

Carl Larson, Life Member

Ashish Mahabal

Thomas Miller, III

Susan Murakami

Betty Nickerson, Life Member

Antoinette Perpall, Life Member

Adrian Ponce

David P. Rossum

Candace Rypisi, Ex Officio

Fredrick H. Shair, Life Member

Michael Stefanko

Gary Stupian, Life Member

Thomas A. Tisch

Alexx Tobeck, Ex Officio

William Whitney, Life Member

Jonas Zmuidzinas